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About the game

The Hunting Treasure game was created and inspired by proactive people always looking for new experiences, new emotions. Because we want to feel alive while travelling, and not only tourists. That is why we created this excursion to discover the city’s most emblematic places in a funny and interactive way, allowing you to make new friends, such as your game’s partners or local people. This game is a competition between the players. After 45 minutes, they will have to come back to the meeting place where our guide will give them explanations about the sites visited, followed by a short guided tour to some touristic spots. We will propose few alternatives for this guided tour and the participants will choose together. Expect some surprises along the way and a prize for the winners!


The tour lasts 2 hours, including the hunting treasure game, the guided visit, and a time of sharing in our Restaurant Café Punchay Choquechaca with Pisco Sour degustation and Music live. Meeting place: in front of the Cathedral in Cusco’s main square (Plaza de Armas).

Rules of the game

The game lasts 45 minutes, the group finishing first wins. In groups of 2 to 4 people, the players will have to look for the treasures highlighted on the map provided. The craziest photo wins a prize too!


Bring with you a good camera or your cellphone to take pictures, and don’t forget to charge the battery before!

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