About Us


Our travel agency offers non-conventional tours, in order to promote unknown touristic destination in Cusco region, in an interactive and entertaining way.

We are pioneers looking for real treasures of Cusco and our culture. Our speciality is to create for you a unique experience, so you can leave our country with the best memories.

Why us?

Hunting Treasure was born from the will to find a truly sustainable tourism, their main focus is to “create sustainable economic development that improves the life of indigenous people, regardless of their native background.

Our mission is to share their knowledge and empower the growth of new ideas to the benefits of the communities we visit”.

Our philosophy

The team at Hunting Treasure believes that hunting is a tradition passed down from generations and our people are highly skilled in the art of hunting treasures in Cusco.
We employ the skills and knowledge of our Peruvian ancestors in our hunting of fur-bearing animals. Our objective is to preserve this rich Peruvian tradition and offer this experience to others around the world, while employing a respect and care for our indigenous animals, ensuring their preservation for generations to come.

The principles of Andean philosophy are the following:

Constant communication between all of the actors that we interact with, Hunting Treasure communities, clients, authorities.

The relationship between the individual and the whole. We know that all actions have an impact on the ecosystem so we, try to reduce our negative impact as much as possible.

We try to find an equilibrium between the exchange of goods and services among all of the actors that we interact with, without leaving anyone aside.

Our work would not be possible without the help of each of the actors, therefore we consider that the Hunting Treasure team, communities, clients, authorities are equally important.


As travelers we understand the difficulties when booking online or making transfers to other parts of the world, therefore, thinking about these difficulties, we have the following reservation policies.

Secure online payment SSL (security certificate).
Direct contact via e-mail to confirm the reservation within 48 hours after payment.
WhatsApp number available 24 hours for any query.
We will contact the client 5 days before the activity begins.
With Hunting Treasure you can book online with any payment method from anywhere in the world. Our prices do not change respect to the local market.

Our Company is 100% certified as a tour operator and responsible for its activities.


Name: Mayoucazau

I had a really great time, discovering the surroundings of Cusco with Treasure Hunting Peru. We visited some ruins after a nice walk, beautiful...

Tour: Salkantay 5D/4N
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